About Us

The founders of 4GAME CO ID Games have seen far too many game titles with great potential slowly perish from a lack of understanding the players, communication with the developers, and understanding the fundamentals of each game. Therefore, 4GAME CO ID Games was established in August 2012 to publishing online games with the following commitments:

Bring out games’ full potentials by working closely with game developers and listening to and understanding the mindset of the game community
Strive to provide excellent customer support
Provide the most satisfying gaming experience
Share a passion and enthusiasm for games

4GAME CO ID will host older games, due to having strong relations with developers. However, 4GAME CO ID has been contacted by many mobile app game developers to potentially team up for future launches!

4GAME CO ID Games is aiming to become one of the top PC and mobile based game publishing and developing hybrid companies in North Asia. Their staff consists of passionate gamers and game publishing experts.

Our Latest Project

Recently, we have happily announced our collaboration RF Online in South Asia. We are currently translating and localizing content to be available to English speakers.

We have high hopes to see a launch in 2023.

To see what else we’ve done, check our out company time line below!

Company Timeline:

August 2012: The company, 4GAME CO ID Games, is established in this month!
21 May 2022: our rf online gamecp https://4game.my.id goes live
10 July 2022: our rf online forum https://4game.web.id goes live
20 July 2022: our rf online website https://4game.id goes live
19 August 2022: our company was registered in country Indonesia
22 September 2022: our website service https://4game.co.id goes live